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Welcome to Olive Chapel

Welcome to Olive Chapel.net. This site is brought to you and ministered by Pastor David J. Kress, Sr. Pastor Kress is ordained and licensed to perform marriages in the state where he resides.

This site will be updated and upgraded as time and ability permits. Thank you for your patience and your visit. Come back soon.

A little personal information for those curious:

Pastor Kress is 57 years of age, married 37 years with two adult children and a granddaughter. Pastor Kress and his wife live very modestly in a small home where he often jokes about it being so small that he has to walk outdoors just to change his mind. They own a single vehicle which is 15 years old with over 183 thousand miles on the odometer. The home and vehicle are mentioned because many folks seem to think clergy live better than the average person. Most folks aren’t fond of giving financial support to clergy who are paying for a mansion and a BMW … and who could blame them!

Pastor Kress and Olive Chapel website does NOT carry a tax exemption status. Pastor Kress wishes to remain free to speak without being threatened by the IRS to have a tax exemption status pulled.

If you would like to donate to Pastor Kress you may do so by clicking the link provided below. Do not donate more than you can afford. Pastor Kress would rather you pay your bills, buy groceries, purchase your medicines, help family and/or friends that are in need before you donate here. And please, do not neglect your local clergy.

Blessings and best wishes.

Pastor David J. Kress, Sr.

P.S. The vehicle finally went on me. The transmission went out and was not cost effective to repair or replace considering the expense and the high mileage. I did pick up another little vehicle which is now getting close to 60k on the odometer.

You may donate online through WePay: